Please stand by

The short version: we’re gonna be a bit late this month! Don’t worry, we are still alive!

The long version: ok so first of all Jamie didn’t have enough time to play the game because last month was craaaazy for totally unrelated personal/job-related reasons then his mic broke so that was like super helpful [/sarcasm] then the week after Andy moved to a new city and now he’s fighting tooth and nail as we speak editing the podcast because his mouse is possessed by what we presume to be the spirit of a long-dead demon rodent yyyyeeeeah.

This month has gone completely to plan. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We’re going to quietly pretend August didn’t happen and put out the QuadCow podcast at the end of September. Cool? Cool. Please don’t hate us.


But we tried.



Ahem. So, end of September! 😀

Welcome to Twenty Dollar Gaming!

“But how did I get here?” you ask. “What is this place? And what have you done with my legs?”

We’re two friends who love videogames, and who love talking about videogames! With each other. In case that wasn’t clear.

So we started twenty dollar gaming, the podcast where we spend $20 on games each month and then mix up a lovely little podcast just for you. Yes, you. Specifically. No, we’re not watching you. You can’t prove anything.

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