Now Playing: Rose & Time and The Bridge

It’s 2016, everybody! Let’s kick this year off right with some mind-bending and fascinating puzzle games! This month we’re putting our $20 towards two extremely fascinating games: Rose & Time by Sophie Houlden and The Bridge by Ty Taylor.

In Rose & Time you collect gems by rewinding time, but you must avoid ever looking at a past version of yourself or you’ll cause a terrible paradox! That might sound too timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly for you, but just take a moment to let that mechanic sink in and really imagine all of the amazing puzzles it will create. Or don’t imagine it and find out for yourself by purchasing the game here!

The Bridge is what happens when Isaac Newton meets M.C. Escher and they make a beautiful, brilliant, crazy game. Non-Euclidean architecture, gravity puzzles, and a gorgeous black-and-white art style make this one of the most fascinating puzzle games to cross our radar in a long time. Hey, Rock Paper Shotgun even listed it as part of their 25 best puzzle games of all time so you know it must be good! You can buy it on Steam here.

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