Episode 8: Uplink & Hacknet

This month we’re hacking, bouncing, cracking and cybering (ok, maybe not that one) our way through grand-daddy hacking simulator Uplink and its spiritual successor Hacknet! Listen up for the historical contexts of both games and how that affects them, how they deal with “hacking – the fantasy!” vs. “hacking – the job” and the ideal of the hacker community, and how both games judge themselves and the hacker myth that supports them.

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Here’s what we talk about in the episode, with spoilers marked:
0.00 – 16.30: General chat, Uplink
16.30 – 23.00: Minor Uplink spoilers (for the first few story missions)
23.00 – 28.30: Hacknet, spoiler-free
28.30 – 32.40: Hacknet spoilers for the excellent “Project Junebug” mission
32.40 – 41.30: Hacknet, spoiler free once more
41.30 onwards: MAJOR SPOILERS for the endings of BOTH games (but some really interesting thoughts!)

Got any thoughts? Leave them in the comments! 🙂

Also, apologies for the late post! Last month was crazy: work, stress, illness, travel and other commitments torpedoed our plans, plus – turns out Uplink is much longer than anything else we’ve played for this podcast!

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