Episode 10: The Magic Circle

This month we play The Magic Circle, a game about a game about games. This is the gamiest game ever gamed, made by gamey people who think about nothing but games. GAMES. This is gamenip for us.

But that’s not why you should listen. The reasons are:

1) Andy and Jamie disagree about something! The end times are near!! :O
2) Jamie finds out how many times he can say “auteur” in a podcast and then worry that maybe he’s been saying it wrong.
3) Andy invents a new game called Mr Potato that may or may not be related to Mr Potato Head.

This podcast summary might seem meta, confusing and weirdly circular. But you know what else is meta, confusing and weirdly circular? The Magic Circle. Ok, that was a little impressive. You should listen just for that.

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Now Playing: The Magic Circle

What if there were a game… with no violence? No swords, no guns, just… art.
Now what if there were a game… about that game?
Now what if there were another game about the development of that game, along with internal studio pressures and infighting?
Now take all of that, and add collectibles, and also the guy who voiced Garrett from the original Thief.

Yes, this month we are playing The Magic Circle and oh my goodness it is very very strange in a way I cannot even begin to articulate. I don’t know if it’s good-strange or bad-strange but it’s strange.

Grab it on Steam here!