Episode 3: Her Story & The Beginner’s Guide

Join us as we puzzle, unveil, guilt-trip and perplex our way through Her Story and The Beginner’s Guide! I think our brains melted a bit for this one.
(Note to self: oh my GAWD Jamie, stop clicking your pen as you think! It’s very distracting! Sorry in advance, everyone.)

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Now playing: Her Story and The Beginner’s Guide

First off, apologies for missing our deadline this month! Life just caught up with us. Think of it as an opportunity to smile smugly and pat yourself on the back for having superior time-management skills. (To be fair, you almost certainly do.)

Episode 2 is out now, though, so go ahead and listen to our impressions of AdvertCity!

This month we’re playing Murder-Mystery Database-em-up Her Story from Sam Barlow, and ludic gamey-game-Thing The Beginner’s Guide by Davey Wreden, creator of The Stanley Parable.

Grab Her Story here, and The Beginner’s Guide on Steam or Humble!