Episode 3: Her Story & The Beginner’s Guide

Join us as we puzzle, unveil, guilt-trip and perplex our way through Her Story and The Beginner’s Guide! I think our brains melted a bit for this one.
(Note to self: oh my GAWD Jamie, stop clicking your pen as you think! It’s very distracting! Sorry in advance, everyone.)

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2 thoughts on “Episode 3: Her Story & The Beginner’s Guide

  1. I don’t remember reading about the third potential solution to the Her Story mystery anywhere, so it was a new one on me that the Eve/Hannah story could have been manufactured to cover up a murder. The only problem, though, is that it completely robs us of motive and seems hellishly pre-meditated? Does it still make sense with that perspective?

    1. It does strip the narrative of any kind of motive. I think the issue is that because all the information we get is from Eve, we don’t know if anything she tells us is true. So she might have a completely different motive which we’re totally unaware of, and be feeding us tidbits to throw us off.

      The problem, of course, is that then any semblance of order or of this making any sense at all just falls apart. 😛 But the fact that it *is* possible means that some people are thinking about it, which makes it part of the possibility-space I guess.

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