Episode 13: Panoramical and Islands: Non-Places

You are feeling very relaxed. You see an escalator. Some palm trees are riding the escalator. This is fine. This is all perfectly fine. You remember something about a French anthropologist…
This month we played two strange games: Islands: Non-Places (featuring escalator palm trees) and Panoramical (which Jamie describes as “conducting a dream orchestra” and Andy describes as Hello Games dropping acid at a game jam).
What did we discuss? Here’s a list!
  • What’s the goal? We don’t know – there are no extrinsic rewards!
  • Is it a game? Who knows? Who cares?
  • A French anthropologist on “non-places”
  • A brief foray into absurdism
  • Vignettes are cool, so is sound
Lists are fun! 😀 Give us a listen for all that, and MORE!

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