Now Playing: Quadrilateral Cowboy

The August Job

  • TARGET: Quadrilateral Cowboy
  • PAYMENT: $20
  • OBJECTIVE: Hack through heists in a visually memorable story of friendship, technology, and cats.

Join us this month as we play Quadrilateral Cowboy! Yes, this isn’t our first time cyberpunking and it’s not our first hacking rodeo, but Quadrilateral Cowboy (QuadCow?) is pretty distinct from anything else we’ve covered.

It’s from Blendo Games, of Gravity Bone and Thirty Flights of Loving fame, and shares the same bright’n’boxy art style. But it’s QC’s take on hacking (and how hacking and the environment go hand in hand) that we find most interesting. Plus there are CRT monitors and 56k modems and RAM chips and cassette tapes and AAAARGH I LOVE IT IT’S SO NINETIES.

We’ve both been waiting on this for a while and we’re very excited to play! Buy it here (it’s on Steam too).

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