Episode 9: The Flame in the Flood

Settle down by the fire. Take the weight off your feet. Brew some dandelion tea. Mend your OH MY GOD LOOK OUT IT’S A WOLF RUN

This month we played The Flame in the Flood, an all-American survival game from the Molasses Flood. It’s got everything: snakes! Worms you can eat! Weird slang!

What do survival games have to do with the American frontier? Why do I hate permadeath? And is this secretly a religious game after all? Join us and find out!

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Episode 8: Uplink & Hacknet

This month we’re hacking, bouncing, cracking and cybering (ok, maybe not that one) our way through grand-daddy hacking simulator Uplink and its spiritual successor Hacknet! Listen up for the historical contexts of both games and how that affects them, how they deal with “hacking – the fantasy!” vs. “hacking – the job” and the ideal of the hacker community, and how both games judge themselves and the hacker myth that supports them.

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Episode 7: Submerged

This month we played sunken-city-explorer Submerged! Sopping wet and dripping with seaweed, we squelchily offer you our thoughts. Marvel at the beauty of the landscape! Mm and ahh about the merits of collectibles! Shake your head in tortured disbelief as your poor avatar flings herself from window ledge to window ledge – agh, her poor fingers!

All this and more in this week’s podcast, and if you have an opinion please comment – we’d love to continue the discussion there! 🙂

Episode 6: Rose & Time and The Bridge

Join us this month as we wrap our brains round fiendish puzzlers The Bridge and Rose and Time. The effect is like a salmon attempting trigonometry. In five dimensions.

Listen for our thoughts on puzzles unfolding in time as well as space, whether a puzzle game should be continuous or discrete, and our delighted confusion at every aspect of The Bridge. (Yes, really, all of them. Every single one.)

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